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I keep on fallin’ in love…with you… we were all screaming that line at some point in the early 2000s when our girl Alicia was killin’ it. Okay lets not get over zealous, but we’re pretty excited for fall fashion, see what we did there? anywho…. There are so many fall hot heels trends that we had to let you in on the scoop as we could not keep it to ourselves. Right on our radar, we have:


Snakeskin printed heels

Is snake really the new leopard? Oh have this trend exploded. This trend however, have been around for quite some time, we are just happy that it has resurfaced such chic, fun, street friendly ways.

Leopard print

There is no way we can say fall with mentioning leopard in the same sentence. We saying all the gals rocking leopard prints in all varieties on the gram and we are loving it. We have both “Rebekkah” and “Destiny” in leopard prints

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