How To Make High Heels More Comfortable

Ladies we understand that you want to slay in your heels all night, but they can be a little painful when worn for too long. Here are some tips and hacks that can help to make your High Heels more comfortable:

Hack #1:

Stretch out tight party heels by placing a bag of water in each and leaving them in the freezer overnight – this help to alleviate any pain from tight heels or squeezing heels. Here are some party heels that you can shop for:

Hack #2:

Tape your 3rd and 4th ties together (starting from the smallest toe) to avoid pain while wearing High Heels.

Hack #3:

Always walk heel to toe and not toe to heel.

Hack #4:

Apply Vaseline to pressure points on your feet before putting on your heels – this helps to prevent blisters.

Hack #5:

Use a sheet of sand paper to gently rough-up the bottom of your new heels – this will add extra grip.

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